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Aaron Larson is a self-taught artist based in Minnesota who works with several different mediums. This multi-talented artist has tried his hand at painting, drawing and, more recently, 3D modeling, digital art and collage. The softwares he uses to create his digital artworks are mostly Photoshop, Aftereffects and Blender. As for the works for which he is most recognized, they are collages that represent landscapes, more surrealist than each other. Aaron imagines landscapes with unreal combinations of sky and cloud at different times of the day. In his eyes, there is no better combination than a starry night and a field of grass in broad daylight. His goal when creating is to attract attention through bright and contrasting colors and scenes, like Vincent van Gogh who used memorable colors that testify to his unique perception of the world.

Most of Aaron’s works are shared on social media, and several web platforms offer the opportunity to purchase prints of his creations. His works have also been used by several musicians and can be viewed directly on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud or Youtube.


Aaron Larson