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A scientist at heart, Abdoulaye Barry finds inspiration in the microscopic world, biology and artificial intelligence. He is a 2D/3D motion designer, and dove into NFTs in December 2020 after closely following fellow artist Beeple’s Instagram stories for several months. Abdoulaye Barry has worked on NFT pieces on a daily basis, after selling his first artwork on SevensGrant in August 2021. Since then, he was among 20 artists to sell an NFT at an auction House, for the first time ever, in Paris at Fauve.

Through his work and experimentations in 2D, 3D and animation, Abdoulaye has treated various styles and subject matter in his practice, ranging from abstract animated works to surreal 3D environments that are heavily inspired by micro-organisms - as if the viewer looks through a telescope and discovers a miniature civilisation within a cell. His work has attracted the attention of important crypto art collections, such as MoCA (Paris) and events such as NFC (Lisbon).


Abdoulaye Barry