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Anne-Laure Maison was born in 1979 in Lyon and lives in Paris. After graduating as a space designer at the Beaux-Arts de Toulouse, she worked in an architectural agency (R&Sie, François Roche, 2002). She then decided to devote herself exclusively to her artistic practice after her residency at the Pavillon du Palais de Tokyo (2004-2005). Fascinated by the way people live in this world and deeply inhabited by her own family name, all her work speaks of architecture, the relationship between man and the built, the way he appropriates it...

Her series of collages "Femme-Maison", questions the image of the contemporary woman, strong, free and autonomous, able to carry her own architecture... her house. Proud of who they are and claiming their emancipation, these allegories are displayed on the walls of the cities that Anne-Laure crosses. This nocturnal flâneuse also wanders in our cities and, indiscreet, captures surreptitiously the images of our lit windows. From these views taken in passing, according to her nocturnal wanderings, she constitutes a booty, a treasure, which she recomposes and reassembles in mosaic compositions, where these luminous vignettes come out of the shadows, imposing their presence in the series "Tableau d'intimités". Human Soul, a project carried out in duo with the artist/navigator Michel Cam, shows the genesis of a work that aspires to establish a resonance with the Other. This project questions the interpenetration between the two artists and the world, the imprint they leave in the landscapes they survey and the link it allows them to weave with the Other. Human Soul is now an artistic association whose objective is to raise public awareness about the different states of Being in the world, to de-stigmatize Difference, to fight exclusion, to promote Otherness and to encourage openness to the Other through cultural projects. They are currently in residence at the Cité du refuge/ Armée du salut.


Anne-Laure Maison