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Judd Buchanan (aka BE A STEREOTYPE) is a 3D artist and filmmaker living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Judd began his career with a strong interest in film making, studying film production at the Université de Montréal. Naturally, this passion for image creation has been translated into 3D rendering, as Buchanan has realized that 3D art allows him to create videos and short films without the necessary budget and teams to produce a film.

From this realization, Buchanan began to create his own artistic universe, where the themes of humanity and its relationship to technology and the natural world strongly influence his practice. He is also very involved in the world of NFT, and the strange customs and habits of NFT collectors ("degens") also appear in his work ironically. The level of irony and humour in his works makes them engaging and entertaining. They also lead viewers to reflect on the role of technology in our current society.