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Cajuca is a Brazilian artist who specializes in creating colorful digital worlds. He has been developing his practice as a digital artist since 2016, when he chose his artist name, which is a play on words between "Caju" (cashew nuts) and "Juca" (his nickname). He is passionate about everything related to psychedelism and is inspired mainly by the works of artists such as Larry Carlson, Mark Henson and James McCarthy. More recently, he also discovered the works of Mr.Babies and Indg0 that inspired him a lot.

Before becoming a full-time artist, Cajuca considered creating only as a hobby. His works were improvised and motivated by the simple desire to create, but no particular intention pre-figured them. Then, he began to observe the elements that he unconsciously placed in each of his works and realized that the use of bright, vibrant and intense colors had become a real trademark. The same goes for the notions of isolation, movement, introspection and silence, and this in the context of vast landscapes, often deserted. He became aware of his interest and desire to convey an idea of "silent loneliness" in his works, but also to explore the therapeutic power of colors in our lives.