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The work Diana Lynn Vandermeulen treats the mysterious elements of our natural world in conjunction with the synthetic, revealing a shift in perspective and a challenge to our individual perceptions of reality. Her 360° environments contemplate our sense of presence and connection to nature, inner spaces and reckonings of imagined landscapes. Remixing techniques and textures, Diana Lynn VanderMeulen uses mixed media collage, painting, sculptural installation and new digital tools to extend the lifespan and audience of her work.

Represented by Sky Fine Foods, Diana has been involved in many public and private initiatives. Every year since 2014, she has created a large number of digital art exhibitions. She has exhibited at the AGO, with CADAF Paris, the Canadian Embassy (Tokyo, Japan), the Gardiner Museum and Idea Exchange. She has collaborated with notable brands such as Bimba Y Lola, Broccoli Magazine, Kara & Nicole Saldana.


Diana Lynn VanderMeulen