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GAIN scenography is a collective of artist-engineers composed of Inès Bréchignac, Nestor Laborier and Hippolyte Dupont. They met in 2018 during their first year at the Institut d'Optique Graduate School as part of the Arts and Sciences Programme supervised by the light artist Éric Michel. For a year, they worked on the design of sound and light performance based in particular on the use of laser. Building on this experience and supported by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division of the Institut d'Optique, they launched the GAIN scenography project in 2019. For this project, they were awarded Créart'up 2020, a competition organized by the city of Paris and rewarding student entrepreneurs in the world of culture.

Their work is mainly focused on a more sensitive and organic use of the laser than the often cold use of the laser. Playing with their hybrid status between artists and engineers, they thus structure space through light and work on the interaction between the public and the light world that surrounds it thanks to the effects and technologies developed during their years of studies in the field of optics. The collective is inspired by physics and light, but also of course by artists like Antony McCall or 404.0.



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