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Guli Silberstein is a London-based artist, filmmaker, speaker and video editor, born in 1969 in Israel, who has been creating digital video experiences since 2001. His work involves processing personal recordings, found sequences and mixtures of the two, through glitch, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies. The video footage is set up to juxtapose bits of reality, revealing the underlying patterns of natural life, the environment and perception.

Guli draws inspiration from the tradition and history of painting, especially from Impressionism, but also from the beginnings of video and film art. The screen becomes a surface where the colors spread out and the images explode in colorful but sinister compositions. A central theme of his work is the thin line between tranquility and chaos, the fragility of existence, its intensity, and how it translates into electronic media. His videos have won awards and been featured in numerous festivals and art venues around the world, including Ars Electronica (Austria), WRO Media Art Biennale (Poland), Transmediale festival Berlin, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts USA, London Short Film Festival, and The French Cinematheque Paris.


Guli Silberstein