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ilithya is an artist, creative developer and designer from Mexico, based in Hamburg, Germany. Her work is inspired by what stimulates her most: emotions, illustration, music and street art. She is currently exploring machine learning and new 3DCG media art technologies, generative art, AI art, interactive art and audio-reactive visuals to create web art, installations, music and video. She is interested in creating unusual, emotional and captivating visual experiences while pushing and pulling the intersection between art and technology.

ilithya has had the opportunity to work for major brands such as L'Oréal, Hornback, Weber and the Douglas and Standford Universities. In the past, she has worked in multiple creative fields, including photography, media production and graphic design. ilithya has a Marketing license and a passion for creating the unusual as well as a great curiosity for technology. Her aspirations have always been to combine all her skills to produce memorable results.



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