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Juliette Jourdain is a French artist born in 1991. Painting, folding, moulding and cutting.... these are all tangible activities in her photos that were part of her childhood. Later, she decides to pursue these activities as part of her studies. She graduated from the EFET school of photography, and she began her career as a freelancer and specialized in portraiture. Her works are mainly influenced by seventh art, but fashion photography and painting also play an important role in her approach to artistic creation.

Juliette takes pictures like a master paints her canvas, with an unfathomable and subtle imagination. She has a sharp eye when it comes to representing art. As a true designer, she fashions a baroque, surrealist and dreamlike universe with intense sensitivity. In meticulous decors of extreme finesse, her models oscillate between fantasy, elegance and sophistication, and become an ode to virtuosity and pleasure. In 2015, she won the 2nd Picto Fashion Award and is now famous abroad.


Juliette Jourdain