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Linou is best known for her digital augmented reality works and interactive video devices. Her artistic career began in 2016 following the brutal death of his son, which led her to a descent into hell. Part of her, then, went out. She decided to travel the world to alchemize her pain and give meaning to her existence. Pushing away the barriers of language, she communicates with shapes, colors and rhythms. Through her work of large-format murals, she transports us to the borders of another space. As an invitation to experience this world from elsewhere today invisible to us. Through her artistic approach, she invites us to two worlds: the real world that surrounds us, and… the one you don’t see, the one you assume, the one you imagine. She makes us realize that the veil is invisible and that we are all free to go there every moment. Nothing happens at random nor without a hidden meaning. Everything has a reason to exist.

Digital art is considered an artistic genre in its own right, as it showcases artistic creations using an alliance between the power of the computer and the development of the electronic interface. Beyond this hardware, the use of programs, software and applications is particularly important as it is thanks to these tools that it will be possible to materialize these creations. Linou uses both audiovisual art and augmented reality. Her work now transcends borders: she now exhibits in Martinique, Milan, Portugal and Paris.