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Matthew Keff is an audiovisual digital artist. His works take the form of interactive and moving installations ; of online or physical games. Inspired by emoticons, collectibles from video games and other icons of popular digital culture, his works combine an eccentric and sweet aesthetic. Most of his projects are inspired by reflections on game design and how it is used to study or guide human behaviour. He also uses video game development software as a starting point for his projects. He is interested in the psychological mechanisms that underlie interactions between humans and the digital world and how emotions are communicated and felt.

After obtaining his BFA in Cinema and Video at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Matthew has been involved in major film and music festivals and has been seen in international exhibitions, including the Del Carme Centre in Valencia, IEEE Games Entertainment & Entertainment; Media Lab Cinekid Festival (NL), 4Culture in Seattle, Chromatic Festival in Montreal, Abrons Arts Center and HereART in Manhattan in New York, Tokyo Game Show, A Maze Festival in Berlin and MoHa in Austin.


Matthew Keff