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Client review

We want to create a unique and memorable experience for our guests, and it starts from the moment they arrive. Upon entering the hotel, the guest is immersed in a unique artistic universe. They are invited to live an immersive artistic experience, and to contemplate the work of digital artists from around the world.

Andres Lopez-Dafonte, Directeur des Opérations du Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

On an existing screen

Do you want to adorn your screens with digital artworks? We connect our digital gallery directly to your screens, and manage the content remotely to ensure a turnkey solution.

On a new screen

Don’t have a suitable display? We work with our technical partners to install a new screen for you. We will advise you on the most suitable location to integrate your new digital art experience.


A personalized selection

Each month, we provide you with a 100% customized selection of works. Our experts take into consideration the atmosphere of your place, the profile of the people who frequent it and your brand image to create a bespoke digital gallery. Contemplative works, figurative works: whatever your desires, we have what you need to enhance your space.

Jonathan Monaghan, Tactile palaces: the Louvre


An off-the-wall museum

We accompany these galleries with content, on each work and each artist, to recreate a museum-like experience. This content is directly accessible by scanning the QR code affixed next to the screen. Your location becomes a veritable digital art exhibition space.

Kamilla Hanapova, Dissolution I


Immersive art

We are able to deploy 360° universes in order to immerse the spectator in a multi-sensorial experience mixing art and technology. Visual production, sound, broadcasting support: everything is designed according to your space.

Collectif Scale, Immorphosis


Interactive art

Interactivity is a very fertile field of experimentation for digital artists. Viewers pass from a passive approach to an active one, effectively co-creating the artwork in real time. They not only contemplate upon the work, but now use their own bodies to engage in this innovative and fascinating artistic experience.

Future Wife, Lidar Touch


Generative art

A generative artwork is a work that is created in real-time according to certain predefined parameters. The artist creates a computer code and it is the algorithm that executes the final rendering of the work. The work is then no longer shown in its frozen form: it is a continuous, evolving flow.

ParseError, Tears of Twitter



Thanks to mapping, transform your space into a real digital exhibition space. Our artists work in a customized way to elaborate a work thought especially for your space.

AV Extended, Château de Vincennes


Digital sculptures

Digital sculptures re-enchant spaces by adapting their forms, components and concepts to respond to their surroundings. By appealing to the emotions of the public, the work offers a new perception of the space.

Paul Vivien, Mikkado

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